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 You picked 'em! Here are the 2017 AmBADASSadors you voted for...       

Follow these amazing women all year as they take Uncommonly Normal Apparel on all of their adventures!       


EMMA "Emmazon" BOYLE (aka: Adventure Barbie)

Hey! My name is Emmazon - the original Adventure Barbie. [Get your Emma-inspired tee here.]

 I earned those titles on the river, kayaking with my Whitewater  family. I am so stoked to share my adventures with you over the  next year as an amBADASSador with Uncommonly Normal  Apparel. Here are some of the epic times you can expect:  snowboarding all over the northeast, hiking, the beginning of my  professional career as a lawyer, dogs and adventure friends, two  weeks on the Grand Canyon, horseback riding, rock climbing, and  of course, whitewater! I am incredibly grateful for all I have been  blessed with, and am so proud to be representing a company that  is dedicated to giving back. I hope you will join me in living this next  year to the fullest.   [Emma's Secret Code:  EMMA10]

"Faith is like a mountain, and doubts are like clouds; can any cloud shake a mountain? It is impossible."



Hey everyone! My name is Amy and I’m humbly honored to have been chosen as 1 of the AmBADASSadors for Uncommonly Normal. I’m quite excited too! I am a scientist by day, where I strive to help the medical community make better products for folks in need, and I am a yoga teacher by night, where I strive to help yogis calm their “crazy”. I love animals, making people smile, being outdoors and creating things with my hands. My goal in life is to give back to my community as much as I possibly can through my yoga business as well as kick ass in my career as a scientist. By being an AmBADASSador I hope to truly make a difference in someone’s life who is in need. 

[Amy's Secret Code: AMY10]




Tayler is currently attending Wilkes University as a pharmacy student and is enrolled in the Air Force ROTC program at her school. Her hobbies include skiing, hiking, kayaking, work, reading, and bubble baths. Tayler strives to never take a day for granted and to appreciate the little things. Her life aspirations are to complete her education in pharmacy, serve our country in the USAF, and explore all 7 continents.                                              [Tayler's Secret Code:  TAYLER10]









My name is Catherine Condly, but everyone just calls me Cat. I recently joined the Army as well as the ROTC program. I went to high school at Jim Thorpe, attended Kutztown University for two years, and am now finishing my college education at Moravian for business. I play soccer there and could not be happier. I love to be outdoors and I love living in Jim Thorpe because of the various outdoor activities offered. I also love to play sports, travel, and volunteer my time to people. I am so excited to be an Ambassador for this company! And thank you for the opportunity.     [Cat's Secret Code: CAT10]
**Editor's Note: Cat's too humble to mention that as a high school senior she was race director for the Ana Susko Miracle Miles 5K held to help raise funds for Ana's medical care.**


Hello all! My full name is Brielle, but my friends call me B. I'm excited to share my life with all of you as an Uncommonly Normal Ambassador! I spend as much time as possible outside doing whatever I can to enjoy the planet we live on. As I start my journey through 2017, you'll see me partaking in all my favorite hobbies like skiing, kayaking, hiking, biking, camping, taking road trips or maybe even just hanging out in my hammock! It's a big world, and we have a lot left to discover!

[Brielle's Secret Code:  BRIELLE10]