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The Story

About 2 years ago my family decided to try something new. We found that most of our choices were based on tradition, society's rules for us and others' goals for us. It didn't feel like choices anymore.  

We stopped living in a house with too many rooms and bought an RV.  

We stopped buying STUFF and donated, threw away or sold most of our belongings.

We left the only area we've ever known and drove west. That was April 2016. Since then, we've driven through many states and seen much of Colorado, explored Utah and are continuing through California... and - you get the idea. 

This isn't a vacation. This is my life. It's not retirement. It's the beginning

Besides freelancing and working on a travel blog, I wanted to build something that was all my own... 


BAM - Uncommonly Normal Apparel. 


[BACKTRACK] All of this was inspired by the legendary original badass herself, Anastasia Susko, who was always someone I admired and looked up to (even though she was at least 25 years younger than me).


And then she got sick. Like devastatingly, unfairly-make-you-want-to-hate-the-world sick. She incredibly became even wiser overnight. And tougher. And more courageous than anyone three, four, or five times her age. (She was 8, by the way.) 

If she could face the most horrible fate imaginable, then I should be able to face any obstacle. If her family could survive this, I should be able to accomplish pretty much anything. If they carried on despite being afraid, then I can too. 

I can never pay back Ana for what she taught me, but I can help carry on her legacy by contributing to her scholarship fund that helps graduating high school girls in Ana's hometown to get out into the world, overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams. 


At least 10% of the proceeds from Uncommonly Normal Apparel directly benefits the Anastasia Susko Memorial Scholarship. Keep an eye out for special days throughout the year where that 10% turns into 20, 50, or even 100%. 

Uncommonly Normal Apparel hopes to carry on with a badass spirit - one that spreads compassion, courage, generosity, and inspiration.

Be Kind. Be Generous. Be Present. Be Fearless. Be Badass.


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